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Networking Know-how: e-book for Kindle

A guide to networking success for small business owners in Kindle format. Networking can be a source of anxiety for many small business owners, yet it's also a very effective way to win business.


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Whether you're new to networking or already spend time and money going to events, this e-book will give you ideas and inspiration to make networking work for your business. Author, speaker and trainer Karen Hands provides practical advice to help you network with success.

You'll learn how to:

What readers say...

Anxious about networking? This book breaks everything down into a step-by-step process and gives you a structure for putting strategies in place. Useful tactics from preparation before the event, to confidence for beginners to networking, to how to approach a group of networkers, how to engage them and what to talk about and then to know how to move on. A great read for all - highly recommended.

I bought this to improve my elevator pitch. It has helped me with so much more. I now look forward to networking opportunities. I've made lots of useful contacts and made money from network referrals. The book has more than paid for itself!

If you're one of the many people for whom networking seems like a daunting task, this book makes it much less scary! With some practical advice and examples to work through, all done in an easy to read style, the book will quickly boost your confidence.

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